Web directories have often been used by peoples for seeking the material on specific categories. Twitter directories are just variation on this traditional concept of web directories. A Twitter directory holds the database of tweeps or Twitter users indexed in order of location, interests, etc.
Some of them even rank the tweeps based on followers, friends, updates, etc. So a user with high update frequency, large number of followers will certainly find place higher in rank.
So if you are looking for tweeps who share same interest as yours or tweeps that are located nearby you, these sites should be best starting point.
Below we have compiled a list of few such online Twitter directories.


Twitdir twitter directory BlogPandit

Twitdir allows finding tweeps based on location, description, names, etc.


Twitterholic twitter directory BlogPandit

Twitterholic ranks and list tweeps based on followers, updates, etc and it also helps you find users based on location


wefollow twitter directory BlogPandit

Wefollow is another very popular non-paid Twitter directory listing service. It list tweeps based on categories like tech, blogger, music, socialmedia, etc.


Twindexx twitter directory BlogPandit

Twindexx offers nonpaid listing service. You may suggest a tweep for listing on twindexx, tweeps with most number on suggestions appear higher in index.


TweetFind Twitter directory BlogPandit

With TweetFind, select your directory submission category and then select from paid or non-paid submission options.

Twitter Directory 2000

Twitter directory 2000 BlogPandit

Twitter users having more than 2000 followers qualifies for getting listed on Twitterdirectory2000. Offers paid submission. Browse listings based on categories.