This is my follow up post on Twitter spam, after our intial prediction a few weeks back that the Twitter spam application arena is going to see huge turmoil. So with prediction coming true, today we have as many as three new free tools that promises to fight and block twitter spam.
Let us look at each one of them one by one below and see what they have on offer.


TweetBlocker stop twitter spam block BlogPandit

TweetBlocker scans through your twitter account and shows you the report for each of your followers. Judging them based on some parameters like age of account, frends-followers ratio, activity percentage, etc., it assigns grades in range A (genuine) to F (identfied spammer) for each of your follower and an option to unfollow or block them.

TweetBlocker spammer grades stop twitter spam BlogPandit

You may also see the details for each one of your followers to understand on what parameters they were adjudged and grade was assigned.


TwitChuck stop block twitter spam BlogPandit

TwitChuck provides two different services for achieving spam free Twitter account. First is a free service called FriendChuck, which scans through your Twitter account and compares your friends and followers to there databse of spammy accounts and allows you to block or unfollow the users. Other paid service being offered is called TwitBlock, it takes care of securing your account from spammy users automatically without any of your intervention.


TrueTwit stop twitter spam BlogPandit

TrueTwit is to a extent and comparatively some manual process for identifying and eleminating spam. This is how it works; when you register to TrueTwit, all of your new followers will either have to verify a CAPTCHA sent via direct message or have to register with TrueTwit indicating that they are neither script nor robots nor spam bots.

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