Registering a domain name for some dictionary word is just impossible, since all of them should have already been registered long back and you might seldom get lucky to book a domain name of your own choice. Some webmasters and domain buffs are always looking for high paying and popular keywords that can be registered as domain name and later sold out for higher price and this is certainly a big market considering huge amount of returns you may earn.
Identifying a good and wannabe popular keyword at right time is most important step in this complete process - so as to be part of first come first serve philosophy. Though sometimes by visiting and following social sites and discussion groups you may get lucky to mine some high worth keywords, but it is certainly not a sure shot method. What one needs to automate this process is a search tool that can suggest you high paying and popular keywords or names that sound just perfect to be a good candidate to reap high returns in future.
Understanding this; let us look at some of the free tools avaiable at large for getting all this done easily and without much effort.


Wordoid get domain name suggestions BlogPandit

Wordoid is another domain suggestion tool for webmasters to get natural or non-natural words. If you are interested in having a domain name that starts, ends or contains a particular keyword, then you would find Wordoid very helpful. All you have to do is enter the keyword, that you think sould be part of you domain name and leave it upto Wordoid, to get natural sounding and catchy domain name suggestions.

Now even you can be a proud owner of few of those catchy and flashy domain names