With massive popularity and in-roads by Twitter in the lives of people, this should not come as surprise that, Twitter merchandise is on big demand. Infact, there are some flashy and quality tweets that are worth being put as tshirt message. Now, with Twitter officially jumping into this merchandise business, scene has heated up a bit.

Twitter tshirts printed BlogPandit

Let us look at some such offerings around the web, that can earn you a tweet tshirt

Twitter Threadless -

Twitter threadless tshirts printed BlogPandit

Twitter in collaboration with Threadless is offering this user promoted tweet to tshirt service. Where you can submit your favorite tweets, others will vote in and based on popularity your tweet will get printed on tshirts. This is unique business model where all the parties - person who first tweeted, person who submitted on threadless and other who printed, earns the monetary benefit which is in range of $140 to $500. See this detail article by Aditya on Watblog, about how this system works.

Twitshirt -

Twitter twitshirt shirts printed BlogPandit

Twitshirt implements improvised version of threadless model. You sign up with your Twitter account on Twitshirt (which indirectly acknowledge that you have provided Twitshirt rights to print your tweets, hence overriding the Twitter TOC) and tshirt will appear with you tweet on it. You get paid $1 for each of your tshirt sold, which will then be transferred to your paypal account.

Twitoshirt -

Twitter Twitoshirt tshirts printed BlogPandit

Twitoshirt is exactly opposite to crowd sourced model of Threadless. If you can't wait for long and want your tshirt immediately, just take your tweet run over to Twitoshirt, select color, size and get it printed. So you can get one instantly.

So go ahead and get one of your favorite tweet printed. Twitter popularity is indeed spreading wild and at large, leaving no one, hence it should not amaze you to find your local merchandise shop offering on demand Twitter Jerseys for sale.