Web has taken a mammoth shape over the years, with millions of websites already available on all possible conceivable category and niche. Nearly thousands of websites are being created everyday and equal number being sold, that creates this market very hot and attractive. A site with comparative niche, a good pagerank and visitor count in range 3-4K, can easily fetch some where between $5K to 7K. Also the same site with minimal content update and proper SEO/SEM management can turn into gold mine, earning you in multiples as resale value.
But understanding this is just one part of game, equally important is choosing the right platform to unearth quality sites and strike the deal.

That's where this article pitch in, an effort to be a companion assisting you identify the sites that are online website trading mart.


website flipping buysellwebsite BlogPandit

BuySellWebsite is another good site, especially if you are interested in good established sites, it has got a separate section for such sites, which helps improved decision making.


website flipping siteflippa buy sell website BlogPandit

SiteFlippa, a sitepoint venture; is a dedicated platform for its widely renowned marketplace section. Website auctions are allowed only if ownership is verified.


website flipping flippa buy sell website BlogPandit

With over 6 years in business, Flippa is one of widely used flipping website on web. At this moment of writing this post, Flippa has already garnered sales of over $24 million.


website flipping websitebroker buy sell website BlogPandit

WebsiteBroker is one of the oldest flipping site in business. It offers website valuation tools, advanced search based on price, category, success and a website watchlist.

Even following are worth noticing:
WebUnload - buy sell domain names for free
WebmastersMarketplace - buy sell websites, blogs and domain names

Also there are some sites which consolidate the discussion of website flipping from forums like digitalpoint, webmasters, etc. These are -
Biz MP

So go on, grab the real estate of Internet.