Following is the compilation of some of the popular and best twitter search tools. With these tools all the latest happenings or trends in Twitter will be just a click away for you.
All the following tools are selected based on there performance, usability, features and ease of use.

1. Twitter Search

Twitter Search BlogPandit

Top on list is Twitter's in bulit search engine, that displays search result based on relevancy and sorted on date-time stamp. Also show you in-place realtime search results.
One may even refine the search to find exact phrase, person, tweets nearby a location, based on date, etc. using advanced search options. It also allows option to translate tweets to 18 different languages.

2. Twazzup

Twazzup Twitter Search BlogPandit

Twazzup is complete feature rich app available for Twitter search. It provides automatic real-time search result updates, top trend keywords list, related photos, related popular links, top trendmaker users, etc.
Twazzup has good user friendly interface, also you can create account with Twazzup and save all your search queries.

3. BackTweets

backtweets Twitter Search BlogPandit

BackTweets boast simple and fast interface design. It provides advanced search options like Twitter user search, search on basis of date, url search, etc. You also see popular links for your search phrase.

4. Itpints

itpints Twitter Search BlogPandit

Itpints works almost same as Twitter inbuilt search tool, but it's not just plain Twitter search, it can even search on blogs, bookmarking sites, for images, for videos and news site. ITpints provides realtime search result update facility.

5. Twoquick

Twoquick Twitter Search BlogPandit

Twoquick is another innovative service that shows Google and Twitter search for a phrase alongside each other.