We are already sharing pictures and images through twitter, but recently there was a growing need to effortlessly share mp3, audio and video clips on twitter. This was wisely caught by few webmasters and created sites just for the purpose.

In following part of this article, we will go through few such free web applications that allow you to share audio and video files on Twitter.


Twi.tt logo share audio video clips on twitter BlogPandit

Twi.tt allows you to share audio. video, picture, documents and polls with your Twitter friends. All you have to do is, login using your Twitter account and fill in the simple form to post an audio or video clip on twitter.


Twitfs logo share audio video clips on twitter BlogPandit

Go to Twitfs, register, create your folder and upload a file or clip. Then you get a link, which can be shared on Twitter, blog, facebook, etc.
Twitfs provides facility to share audio, video clips, pictures and documents.


chirbit logo share audio video clips on twitter BlogPandit

Chirbit allows you to share Audio on Twitter; for that Chirbit provides three excellent tools. You may either upload a mp3 or wav file, use text to speech conversion utility or else record a audio or voice to share it on Twitter. I specially liked its text to speech converter, it works perfectly and even sound quality is by far legible.

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