How to embed a player for mp3 or podcast? We all confront this question sometime or later especially when we are trying to cover full fledged content on our blog or site. Also having a simple player is not enough, we expect other features like autoplay, customization, playlist, etc.

Streampad, a flash based player provides these and many more options, so that you embed a player in your site that plays all the audio songs that are hyper linked through your blog page, i.e. Streampad will automatically find all mp3 links in your posts and include them in playlist.

What more ? This free player can be embedded into many different platforms like tumblr, wordpress, typepad, blogger.
Further you also have options like customize theme for player, popout a player, autoplay, etc

This is how it looks when you finsh with setup

To add this player in your blog or site add following code
<embed flashvars="autostart=no&amp;list=URL_MP3_FILES_PAGE" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="150" height="300"></embed><script type="text/javascript">function streampadPop(l,n){""+l+"&songNumber="+n, "Streampad","toolbar=no,width=200,height=300,resizable=yes");}</script>

to change width, height and autostart properties change the parameters highlighted in red, also remember to replace the text highlighted in blue with url of page where mp3 audios are hyperlinked.

Insert the changed code to your site and you would be excited to see it working effortlessly.