Recently we introduced you to trick to access Gmail account when blocked at school or work using feed trick. Following on same legacy of offering such unprecedented tricks, in this post we will see how to access yahoo email when blocked by firewalls or web filters.

Even this trick make use of email feed option. To get your unique feed link for yahoo email box and unblock your emails, follow this simple three step process.

1. Go to Ymailfeed, click the continue button on right hand side

Blockpandit bypass blocked yahoo email
2. You would be taken to yahoo login page, enter your yahoo id and password for which you want to get a feed id i.e. enter yahoo account details which you want unblocked. Once your login details are confirmed you would see a account permission grant page to Ymailfeed click on "I Agree"

Blogpandit Ymailfeed unblock yahoo
3. Lastly, you would be redirected to Ymailfeed where you would get the RSS, Atom feed links for your yahoo mailbox ready to use. You may then use this feed links with your feed reader or feed enabled browser to read emails on fly and bypass the yahoo filters at university and office campuses

BlogPandit Yahooemail RSS Atom feed
To maintain privacy of your Yahoo email account, Yahoo grants access to third party sites like Ymailfeed for maximum of two weeks, so after every two week you will have to login again through Ymailfeed to create new RSS or Atom URL. You may also change this access grant period to lower value by going to Yahoo my account page.

At any time if you feel like discontinuing these feed links, go to Ymailfeed click on "returning users" link in top right corner box, login through your yahoo account and click on "Close Account" link to terminate the service.

Remember not to share these feed links with anybody else or you would run a risk of exposing your emails to public.

Let us know if this was helpful.