Following are two efficient and popular methods of finding latitude and longitude coordinates of any desired location:

Using Google Map -

Go to Google Map, there you can either enter your city,state,zip in search box and your location would be referenced on adjoining map or you can manually find the place on map by zooming into the map. Once you have identified the location, there right click on map position and select option "Directions from here", accordingly a pointer will be set on the map point. Then right click on hyperlink named 'Link' at upper right corner of map and copy link location or link shortcut and paste it to notepad and look for something like following in it, text in bold below are your decimal latitude and longitude coordinates - UTF8&ll=19.333822,72.855492&spn=0.046003,0.072098&z=13

To convert the above decimal coordinates in Degree, Minutes and seconds form, you must paste these values again in Google map search box and you would be taken directly to the location on map also showing coordinates fo your home location in degrees, minutes and seconds

Other method to find location coordinates is the direct one, you just need to point the location on map and would see all the necessary lattitude and longitude details in font of you -


They have developed very user friendly application based on Google maps, hence traversing across maps for zoom-in (scroll up) and zoom-out (scroll down) is all same. If you want to know the latitude and longitude of particular location you only need to, click at particular location on map only once and blue marker would be set there, at same time you can view the correcponding latitude and longitude values of a place in lower part of web page. To remove the marker simply right click on it.Further if supplied with latitude and longitude coordinates, It also points the location on map for you. A more efficient and fast way of finding the coordinates and desired location.

Its all upto you what you prefer