Registering a domain name for some dictionary word is just impossible, since all of them should have already been registered long back and you might seldom get lucky to book a domain name of your own choice. Some webmasters and domain buffs are always looking for high paying and popular keywords that can be registered as domain name and later sold out for higher price and this is certainly a big market considering huge amount of returns you may earn.
Identifying a good and wannabe popular keyword at right time is most important step in this complete process - so as to be part of first come first serve philosophy. Though sometimes by visiting and following social sites and discussion groups you may get lucky to mine some high worth keywords, but it is certainly not a sure shot method. What one needs to automate this process is a search tool that can suggest you high paying and popular keywords or names that sound just perfect to be a good candidate to reap high returns in future.
Understanding this; let us look at some of the free tools avaiable at large for getting all this done easily and without much effort.


Wordoid get domain name suggestions BlogPandit

Wordoid is another domain suggestion tool for webmasters to get natural or non-natural words. If you are interested in having a domain name that starts, ends or contains a particular keyword, then you would find Wordoid very helpful. All you have to do is enter the keyword, that you think sould be part of you domain name and leave it upto Wordoid, to get natural sounding and catchy domain name suggestions.

Now even you can be a proud owner of few of those catchy and flashy domain names

Google Alert is one innovative service where one can receive news, articles and discussions related to ones interest delivered to their email box or to a feed reader, everyday and at regular intervals. But bad part of this great service is, it does not allow you to suggest the source sites to get the information from.
So in case you are interested to receive news from specific sites or blog and that to on specific categories or topics of your interest, than sadly this cannot be achieved through Google Alert. Google Alert is good for receiving a broadcast of news feed but not for specific news alerts. FeedUp is just a answer to this limitation. In this fast paced world, nobody have enough time to read each and every article that is being delivered to the email box, especially if you are interested in reading from some trusted sources only and this is where FeedUp comes for rescue.

Feedup receive topic alerts Google alert alteranative service BlogPandit

Setting up alerts through FeedUp is five step process:

Feedup receive topic alerts Google alert alteranative suggest preferred sites BlogPandit

Step 1 - mention your topics of interest and this list could go on and on, until you are exhausted, there is no limitation on this, one may suggest as many topic as he wants
Step 2 - here you either leave up to FeedUp to select the news articles source or specify your own preferred sites to fetch article feeds from, again there is no limitation on this.
Step 3 - provides option to select the subject categories from which you want the articles to be sourced
Step 4 - decides how often you want the articles to be delivered with three variations - slow (3 articles/day), medium (15 articles/day), fast (everything)
Step 5 - decides the source for the news feeds like blogs, news sites, video sites, etc

If you have followed all these steps meticulously let me give you a good news that you have just finished setting up a alert service. Now finally you have to decide where and how you wish to receive the alerts in iGoogle or in My Yahoo page or in email format or as RSS feed.

That is it, you are ready to receive your personalized alerts.
FeedUp is also available through

If you Google for a tool to convert Youtube flv videos to mp3, without a doubt you would find more than 100 tools, but I am quite sure none of it can match the feature rich interface provided Dirpy.

Dirpy convert youtube flv files to mp3 BlogPandit

Dirpy is a free online Youtube video to mp3 converter with lot of power packed features.
When you enter a Youtube video link in Dirpy, it processes the flv link and gives you many different options to customize the mp3 file before you can actually start downloading the audio file.

So one can select start and end time from video to convert to mp3 - something like a mp3 cutter or clipper tool or can be used to create ringtones, it also allows to select bit rate of 64 kbps or 68 kbps or 112 kbps or 128 kbps or 256kbps for mp3 file, more you may even set the ID3 tags like title, artist, album, year, comment, etc for the mp3 file before you actually start download.

Dirpy convert youtube flv files to mp3 options edit ID3 tags and bit rate BlogPandit

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This is my follow up post on Twitter spam, after our intial prediction a few weeks back that the Twitter spam application arena is going to see huge turmoil. So with prediction coming true, today we have as many as three new free tools that promises to fight and block twitter spam.
Let us look at each one of them one by one below and see what they have on offer.


TweetBlocker stop twitter spam block BlogPandit

TweetBlocker scans through your twitter account and shows you the report for each of your followers. Judging them based on some parameters like age of account, frends-followers ratio, activity percentage, etc., it assigns grades in range A (genuine) to F (identfied spammer) for each of your follower and an option to unfollow or block them.

TweetBlocker spammer grades stop twitter spam BlogPandit

You may also see the details for each one of your followers to understand on what parameters they were adjudged and grade was assigned.


TwitChuck stop block twitter spam BlogPandit

TwitChuck provides two different services for achieving spam free Twitter account. First is a free service called FriendChuck, which scans through your Twitter account and compares your friends and followers to there databse of spammy accounts and allows you to block or unfollow the users. Other paid service being offered is called TwitBlock, it takes care of securing your account from spammy users automatically without any of your intervention.


TrueTwit stop twitter spam BlogPandit

TrueTwit is to a extent and comparatively some manual process for identifying and eleminating spam. This is how it works; when you register to TrueTwit, all of your new followers will either have to verify a CAPTCHA sent via direct message or have to register with TrueTwit indicating that they are neither script nor robots nor spam bots.

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Follow famous cricketers on Twitter

We already know and are following celebrities, bloggers, entrepreneurs, athletes on Twitter, but recently we have discovered lesser known category of cricketers for following on Twitter.
Following you will find links of famous ICC cricketers to follow on Twitter.

Ricky Ponting - Captain Australia
follow Ponting

Sachin Tendulkar - Indian player and Former captain
follow Sachin

Mohammed Kaif - Indian player
follow kaif

Kevin Pietersen - England Captain
follow Pietersen

Chris Gayle - West Indies Captain
follow Chris Gayle

Jason Gillespie - Australian bowler
follow Gillespie

Mahendra Singh Dhoni - Indian captain
follow MS Dhoni

Andrew Symonds - Australian player
follow Symonds

Amey P
follow BlogPandit
that is me, though I am not a cricketer, but surely a biggest Cricket fan - a self proclaimed one.

Web directories have often been used by peoples for seeking the material on specific categories. Twitter directories are just variation on this traditional concept of web directories. A Twitter directory holds the database of tweeps or Twitter users indexed in order of location, interests, etc.
Some of them even rank the tweeps based on followers, friends, updates, etc. So a user with high update frequency, large number of followers will certainly find place higher in rank.
So if you are looking for tweeps who share same interest as yours or tweeps that are located nearby you, these sites should be best starting point.
Below we have compiled a list of few such online Twitter directories.


Twitdir twitter directory BlogPandit

Twitdir allows finding tweeps based on location, description, names, etc.


Twitterholic twitter directory BlogPandit

Twitterholic ranks and list tweeps based on followers, updates, etc and it also helps you find users based on location


wefollow twitter directory BlogPandit

Wefollow is another very popular non-paid Twitter directory listing service. It list tweeps based on categories like tech, blogger, music, socialmedia, etc.


Twindexx twitter directory BlogPandit

Twindexx offers nonpaid listing service. You may suggest a tweep for listing on twindexx, tweeps with most number on suggestions appear higher in index.


TweetFind Twitter directory BlogPandit

With TweetFind, select your directory submission category and then select from paid or non-paid submission options.

Twitter Directory 2000

Twitter directory 2000 BlogPandit

Twitter users having more than 2000 followers qualifies for getting listed on Twitterdirectory2000. Offers paid submission. Browse listings based on categories.

Right, the twitter mania is finally spreading across Indian film industry a.k.a. Bollywood.
Following is the list of famous Bollywood tweeps now available on Twitter for online mircoblog conversation.

Aamir Khan - film actor, director and producer
follow Aamir

Preity Zinta - film actress and Kings XI Punjab Owner
follow Preity

Gul Panag - film actress
follow Gul Panag

Karan Johar - film director, producer, and TV celebrity
follow Karan

Dino Morea - film actor
follow Dino Morea

Priyanka Chopra - film actress and former Miss World
follow Priyanka Chopra

Uday Chopra - film actor and producer
follow Uday Chopra

Sonam Kapoor - film actress
follow Sonam Kapoor - is the cool side of Sonam
follow Sonam Kapoor - is the spicy side of Sonam

Vishal Dadlani - music director
follow Vishal Dadlani

Salman Khan - film actor, producer
follow Salman Khan

Mallika Sherawat - film actress, model
follow Mallika Sherawat

Aishwarya Rai - film actress and former Miss World
follow Aishwarya Rai

Riteish Deshmukh - film actor
follow Riteish Deshmukh

Ranbir kapoor - film actor
follow Ranbir Kapoor

Rajeev Masand - film critic and entertainment reporter for CNN-IBN
follow Rajeev Masand

Shahrukh Khan - film actor, producer, television host, Kolkata Knight Riders owner
follow Shahrukh Khan

Rohan Sippy - film director
follow Rohan Sippy

Ayesha Takia - film actress
follow Ayesha Takia

Rakhi Sawant - an Indian dancer, Hindi film and television actress, item girl, model and television talk show host
follow Rakhi Sawant

Atul Kasbekar - media, film and fashion photographer
follow Atul Kasbekar

Dharmesh Gandhi - director, film Critic with Sunday Mid Day
follow Dharmesh Gandhi

Goldie Behl - film producer, director
follow Goldie Behl

Amey P
follow BlogPandit
that's me, though I am not from Bollywood industry, but yes, I am from Bollywood city, Mumbai.

I am quiet sure, that in coming days we will see more and more celebrities catching in on Twitter fever and will keep you updated.

Though I am personally big fan of Tweetmeme, it is still a undenying fact that, living in a technology age it is wise enough to have an edge over technology by not restricting ourselves to specific offering. This is just one of the reason and enough to have following article seeking tweetmeme alternatives. Also recently, I have been experiencing faulty functioning of some of my tweetmeme counters, of which some even do not cross the zero position when already couple of retweets for article being done.

So keeping all this behind, let us look at some of the alternatives available for tweetmeme Twitter counters.


Backtype twitter retweet counter BlogPandit

Installing a retweet button with backtype is just as simple as it can be. You only have to add following single line of code and button is installed.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Further you can also customize the button properties by specifying source (leading text), button background color, border color, text color, size of button, url shortner, etc. Visit Backtype, to get complete list of customizations and install your own retweet button.


Twittley twitter retweet counter BlogPandit

Twittley offers cool icy blue counter.
It has got very unique selling proposition compared to other Twitter retweet counter sites. When someone clicks on the Twittley button installed on your site the post link is automatically tweeted to all there twitter followers even without opening a new window. So a visitor still stay on same page and retweet is taken care by Twittley in background.
Further based on popularity, your link also gets listed on Twittley popular link pages that can attract more visitors for you.
Get your own Twittley button now for Blogger, Wordpress or other sites.

We all have multiple twitter accounts; for a personal use for friends connect, other for business purpose - again more than one for different business, etc. So to manage all these accounts through original Twitter interface is all so troublesome, you logout from one and login to other and keep on doing this all the time to update messages and alerts.

Or, other better way is to consider any of following online or desktop tools to manage multiple twitter accounts from single interface with ease.


Splitweet multiple twitter account management BlogPandit

With Splitweet highly usable interface; you may update one or all of your accounts at a same time, follow tweets to individual accounts, make replies, manage brands, etc.

Splitweet multiple twitter account management BlogPandit


twihrl multiple twitter account management BlogPandit

Twihrl is an desktop tool for multiple account management. It displays new message notifications, has inbuilt url shortner, inbulit image upload to twitpic, etc. And since it is build on Adobe Air platform, Twihrl can be used on Windows and Mac OSX


tweebster multiple twitter account management BlogPandit

Tweebster is another multiple account management tool with minimal capabilities, you can only manage and update messages to different accounts with Tweebster.

Google's Android is rapidly turning out to be most sought after platform for many upcoming mobile phones. Every large mobile company has or are launching the cell phones on Android platform. So with increasing user base, the demand for apps that work on Android platform is surely going to increase.

Android Google BlogPandit

Through this article we look at AndroLib, an online free and paid directory for Android applications, games and tools.

AndroLib tools and apps for Android platform BlogPandit

AndroLib is online boiling pot for all kind of tools, apps, libraries, games on Android platform. You may search or browse through already abailable twitter, facebook apps, ringtone tools, action, arcade and puzzle, chess games, weather and news tools, feed readers, etc.
AndroLib is one of the huge online library of Android tools. A certain destination for every Android fan to power pack his phone with latest and heaviest apps available.

Androlib games for Android platform BlogPandit

We finally have a tool that makes your Twitter life happier, helps you distinguish between spammers and valid prospects.

TwitChuck is a web app; still in its nascent stage, promises to identify and create database of Twitter spammer.

TwitChuck logog block Twitter spammer BlogPandit

So, if you sense something fishy and want to know if particular user is a spammer or not. All you have to do is, go to TwitChuck, search for user-id and immediately you would see a snapshot report about there activities. Also a score on scale of 100 (lower score – more spam, higher score – valid user) is assigned, to clearly judge the extent of spamming.

valid Twitter user TwitChuck no spammer BlogPandit

TwitChuck Twitter spammer BlogPandit

While checking for spam activities, TwitChuck runs some validations in background and then it flags that particular test case as passed or failed, based on which the scoring is done and spammers are identified.
Some of the validations done are:
check for user participation in conversation and community talk
age of Twitter account and online activity rate
friend-follower ratio
message update percentage, etc.
TwitChuck also maintains database of valid tweeps and flags them as "user validated".

FriendChuck is another addon paid service offered by TwitChuck where you log in through your twitter account and FriendChuck will scan through your followers list and mark all the spam users (or bot) for your action. FriendChuck is excellent service to filter and prune your follower list.

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You want to pass on some private message to your friend and it can't be said on cell phone or any other regular communication media like email, with fear of somebody spying on the communication and losing the message privacy. In such cases, one can use any of following free tools to convert the message to secret code before passing over through an email. So that even if somebody manages to intercept the message it would be illegible for him. Isn't that just perfect.

Well, lets see what are different tools available to achieve this purpose.

crypo encrypt decrypt message to cipher text logo BlogPandit

crypo uses very strong Military Grade 1280-bit Encryption Algorithm, all you have to do is visit, enter your message in "message box", enter password between 4 to 12 characters - password provides extra security to encryption and hardening of overall process. Further to decrypt the cipher code i.e. to get original message back; insert same encrypted message again in "message box: and same password in "password field" and hit decrypt, you will be rejoiced to see original plain text message. So it is equally important to note that, when you pass on the encrypted message you also pass on the key or use a key that is agreed upon by both the sending and receiving team.

crypo process to encode decode plain text message BlogPandit

encoder logo encrypt decrypt encode decode message BlogPandit

encodor is very simple application that accepts plain text message up to 400 characters and password key up to 30 characters and converts the plain text message to cipher text.

encoder encrypt decrypt process BlogPandit

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Convert between zip, rar and other archive files

There can be many occasions when you have rar archive and no Winrar to open it, further you even do not have enough rights to install Winrar on the system or no access to Internet. What to do in such case ? just keep staring at the archive and hope it opens up, popping out everything it holds. Sadly, that's just too high an expectation.
Else we have a very nice solution for you, you may use any of following free online tools to convert archive files to zip or other acceptable formats.

WobZIP uncompress and convert archive online

WobZip is online archive uncompressor and viewer. All you have to do is upload the file and then you can either download the files in popular .zip format or download individual files within archive.

WobZIP uncompress archive online Blogpandit


media-convert logo covert zip rar archive online BlogPandit

Lately, we made a review on media-convert of its capability to convert between different file formats, which also includes converting between different compressed archive files.
To convert the file; upload, select input file format and output file format and fine tune the conversion activity with available options.

media convert archive formats BlogPandit

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Bing has gained massive popularity since its launch and has already earned second spot behind Google. So far so good, now it's just wait and watch game of how Bing fair to people expectations. But one thing for sure, if Bing has to get strong foothold it has to innovate as grow, like Google is doing over the years.

At this moment, there is no denying fact that Bing has got it all to rub shoulders with Google in coming time. While, if you are die hard Google fan, still wondering and not tried out Bing yet, we have got nice offer for you. Try out following few websites, that pops Google results alongside Bing.

askboth google bing search at same time

Askboth shows you Bing results alongside Google in dual column. It also provides facility to search for images from both the search engines.

askboth results google bing search at same time

specra google yahoo bing search at same time

Specra goes one step ahead and gets Yahoo in the field, so now you can view results from big three at a same time. Specra also allows to assign weightage to particular search engine so as to decide the importance given to search results from particular engine.

Fusionsearch google yahoo bing search at same time

Fusionsearch is again similar to Specra, like it searches Google, Bing and Yahoo at same time, but it also allows image search from these three sites at a time.

So that, now you have more power to rightly adjudge the best, do let me know what do you feel.

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godaddy Blogpandit domain registration

GoDaddy is one of the leading online domain registrar and web host. Few of the main reasons about its popularity is the low cost .com, .net domain registrations, big discounts on bulk registrations and most important is availability of coupon codes for availing discounts on all types of deals.

Though you can always find seasonal coupons with limited validity all around the web. We have compiled the special ones here, lifetime valid codes. You can enjoy and use following codes all round the year.

discounts blogpandit domain registration

promo10 – 10% off your entire order
promo15 - Save 15% on your order of $75 or more
promo20 – 20% off shared hosting (minimum 12 months)
promo530 – Save $5 off any order of $30 or more
promo749 – Save $3 on .com registrations, transfers and renewals
promossl – $12.99 standard SSL certificates (normally $29.95)
ZINE1 - for 10% off
ZINE2 - for $5 off any $30+ purchase
ZINE3 - for $7.49 .com
ZINE25 - for $25 off any purchase of $100 or more

So go on search, shop tld domains and enjoy the discounts.


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Many bloggers and webmasters find it necessary to show location in blog post, since that is just another way of getting close to your blog visitors and being informal. To achieve this from Blogspot was not easy, you might had to manually make a provision to display location onto the blog post.

But now you can use Blogger inbuilt method to show location. To avail this facility you would need to access your blog dashboard from BloggerInDraft - a official test and experimental platform for Blogger.

When you login, open the post for which you want the location to be displayed in editor pane and see on the lower part of frame, you would see a "add location" link.

blogger in post add location BlogPandit

Click on this link, a new pop-up window will open, search for your location, when successful you will see map pointed at the location, now Save.

blogger in post location map search BlogPandit

That's it, when you publish the post you will see the location appearing in your blog post., it can be either in post header or footer depending on your blog template.

blogger in post location display BlogPandit

So that is it, simple and straight forward method to add location to your blogger post.

Web has taken a mammoth shape over the years, with millions of websites already available on all possible conceivable category and niche. Nearly thousands of websites are being created everyday and equal number being sold, that creates this market very hot and attractive. A site with comparative niche, a good pagerank and visitor count in range 3-4K, can easily fetch some where between $5K to 7K. Also the same site with minimal content update and proper SEO/SEM management can turn into gold mine, earning you in multiples as resale value.
But understanding this is just one part of game, equally important is choosing the right platform to unearth quality sites and strike the deal.

That's where this article pitch in, an effort to be a companion assisting you identify the sites that are online website trading mart.

website flipping buysellwebsite BlogPandit

BuySellWebsite is another good site, especially if you are interested in good established sites, it has got a separate section for such sites, which helps improved decision making.

website flipping siteflippa buy sell website BlogPandit

SiteFlippa, a sitepoint venture; is a dedicated platform for its widely renowned marketplace section. Website auctions are allowed only if ownership is verified.

website flipping flippa buy sell website BlogPandit

With over 6 years in business, Flippa is one of widely used flipping website on web. At this moment of writing this post, Flippa has already garnered sales of over $24 million.

website flipping websitebroker buy sell website BlogPandit

WebsiteBroker is one of the oldest flipping site in business. It offers website valuation tools, advanced search based on price, category, success and a website watchlist.

Even following are worth noticing:
WebUnload - buy sell domain names for free
WebmastersMarketplace - buy sell websites, blogs and domain names

Also there are some sites which consolidate the discussion of website flipping from forums like digitalpoint, webmasters, etc. These are -
Biz MP

So go on, grab the real estate of Internet.

rollip create polaroid images BlogPandit

Rollip has rolled out this excellent little web app, where you may create Polaroid out of your images and pictures.

create polaroid image original BlogPandit

arrow BlogPandit

The biggest advantage is, it requires no registration, no software installation.
You only have to select from different shape formats in which you want Polaroid to be created, upload your original photo and get the converted Polaroid image ready to download. You also get a polaroid image link to embed, share the picture on facebook, myspace and more.

Now you may use this Polaroid image wherever you want; get it printed and frame the picture, create a thumbnail for your profile image, etc..